Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Montreal's Sky of Ink Press was founded in 2007 with the express purpose of featuring talented poets in finely crafted chapbooks. Brian Campbell is solely responsible as editor and publisher.

Sky of Ink chapbooks are printed on high-quality paper with card-stock or hard covers. The press does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Sky of Ink chapbooks are available for the following prices, CA or US, including postage:

Zav Levinson, Trelliswork: $15
Brian Campbell, Remnants of Autumn (photo book): $35
Brian Campbell, A Private Collection: $20
Raphael Bendahan, Sit Up: $15
Jocelyne Dubois, Hot Summer Night: $15
Nina Bruck, Still Light at Five O'Clock: $15

To order, contact:

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

1st edition, 100 copies: October 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9868890-5-9
Price: $15 CDN/US including shipping
35 pages
Linen paper, cardstock cover
Status: In Print

Trelliswork is constructed from the framework of the poet’s life, interweaving love, loss and play; the whole reflected and renewed in studious attention to the craft of poetry.    


Not elderly, not young,
he sits in his easy chair,
next to a window,
a light on,
a book in his lap.

Eyes closed, asleep
perhaps only resting -
does he rest easy,
do warm memories
caress his body?

Or does he recite his pain
and measure his decline?

Does he dream
of running  across fields to a far horizon,
his thoughtless body
rejoicing under a broad sky?

Will his mind turn,
like a compass needle to the north,
to those he held in his arms,
hearts beating
against his chest,
whose thoughts
he could read in their faces?

Is he moved,
as a thunderclap moved our ancestors,
to fear God’s mighty grip?
       I fall so easily
       into these places,

       where the light meets the dark.

Zav Levinson began writing poetry five years ago. This is his first book. His poems have appeared in Poetry Quebec, SWEPT, and Umbrella Factory. He is poetry co-editor of JONAHmagazine, an online literary review. Zav lives in Montreal.